Seth Rogen was left feeling uncomfortable when his mom tweeted about sex.

The 'Sausage Party' star was left horrified when his mother Sandy compared a post-coital nap to shavasana, a restorative pose done at the end of a yoga session.

Sandy tweeted: ''Falling asleep after sex is like shavasana after yoga!''

In response, shocked Seth posted: ''Jesus f***ing Christ mom.''

And the 35-year-old actor wasn't the only person shocked by his mother's tweet, as his older sister Danya was equally horrified.

Along with the sick-faced emoji, she replied to her brother: ''Seriously. I actually gagged.''

Seth then replied: ''It's gnarly.''

But Sandy wasn't bothered by Seth's comments, and dismissed her son's outrage.

She replied: ''It's just an observation of life !(sic)''

When the 'Knocked Up' actor responded with ''Whatever'', she took the opportunity to make fun of him again.

She replied: ''Whateverrrrrrrr mom mm!(sic)''

And she also told Danya she was ''lame'' after her response.

Actress Mindy Kaling also told the 'Superbad' star to leave his mother alone.

She tweeted: ''I love it and I don't want you to dissuade her.''

But Seth replied: ''I don't think I can.''

This isn't the first time Sandy has managed to embarrass her son online.

While on vacation in January, she tweeted: My husband needs peanut butter in Paris! Crazy life!''

In response, Seth replied: ''For a billion dollars, I couldn't tell you what this means.''

But Sandy was swift with her own comeback and refused to rise to his cheeky questioning of her cryptic remark.

She quickly replied: ''If you would answer your phone you would know.''