Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne are ''stupid people'' on a ''dumb mission'' in 'Bad Neighbours'.

The 23-year-old comedian and his 'Bad Neighbours' co-star play a young couple with a newborn baby whose home lives are turned upside down when when a college fraternity moves into the house next door.

The pair try to get revenge on the students for their blazing house parties which keep them up all night and the film's producer Evan Goldberg insists Rogen's character is different from the parts he usually plays.

He told the Hollywood Reporter: ''Normally in Seth's movies, he's combative. In this, though, Rose Byrne and him are a team. They are both stupid people in a dumb mission that they shouldn't be doing.''

Goldberg's co-producer James Weaver agrees that the 'Superbad' actor takes on a more mature role while 'That Awkward Moment' star Zac Efron is the childish one.

He said: ''[Rogen] is an adult in the movie, which people are talking about. Zac is the kid, and Seth is doing adult things.''

Rogen - who is married to actress Lauren Miller - admits that he had difficulties looking after his screen baby as he's not good with children.

He explained: ''Babies are not fans of me either, and we made sure they were fine by me before we casted. These babies were good, but most I'm not cool with.''