Actor Seth Rogen struggled to listen to GREEN HORNET radio clips from the 1930s as he prepared to star as the masked crimefighter on film - because the programmes were so slow and "outdated".
The funnyman thoroughly researched the vigilante's past incarnations before writing his movie script, sitting down to watch the original 1960s TV series as he gathered his ideas together.
But he admits his patience was put to the test when listening to the Green Hornet radio show, which debuted in 1936.
He tells, "We tried to listen to almost all the radio serials, but they're a little outdated. I guess back then hearing footsteps for 30 seconds straight was really suspenseful and interesting. The creaking of the door opening was real cinema at that time!
"It's a little hard to sit through hours of it, at this point, for me. But I'm very stupid. But yeah, we went back to the radio show, the serials and then the TV show and we really tried to include ideas from all these things... and little just tips of the hat to previous incarnations of it."