Funnyman Seth Meyers' wife battled through a bout of food poisoning on the morning of their wedding and almost had to postpone the ceremony after a dash to the hospital emergency room.

The Saturday Night Live star's lawyer wife, Alexi Ashe, fell ill after eating oysters the night before the couple's nuptials in Martha's Vineyard, off the coast of Massachusetts last month (Sep13).

He says, "We were staying at different places. I'm like, 'You'll be fine tomorrow, it'll pass, don't worry about it'. Morning of the wedding I call her, she's like, 'I'm on my way to the emergency room'."

"So I got to the emergency room, I follow her there, and she's, like, fully knocked out on a gurney looking like a person looks before the end... and a nurse walks in and takes one look at her and is like, 'You're not getting married today,' and it was like my wife turned into the star of an action movie who's been knocked down and you think he's done and that villain says one last thing and she like propped herself up on her elbows and she's like, 'I am getting married today,' and she was so awesome.... everything was perfect."