Seth Macfarlane showed off his impressive vocal range on last nights Saturday Night Live, going through his repertoire of Family Guy characters during the opening segment of the show.
In what was his first appearance on the show, MACfarlane made sure he gave the people what they wanted straight away as he held a three person, and one dog, argument with just himself. During the opening talk with the audience, he was first 'interrupted' by FG father character Peter Griffin, who was admiring the "knockers" of a woman in the front row. The 'conversation' was then intruded on by the comically diabolic baby genius Stewie, making fun of his creator's voices, before family dog Brian joined in an attempt to keep the peace. Neighbourhood pervert Quagmire then joined in the one man party, signing off the segment with his catchphrase; "Giggity-giggity-giggity-goo!"
The start of the 38th series of SNL wasn't just MACfarlane's show though, as it also marked the beginning of life without favourites Kristen Wiig, Andy Samberg and ABBY ELLIOT who left at the end of last season. The show marked the occasion with a handing over of the baton style opening sketch, featuring Fred Armisen and Jay Pharoah. The show also included musical guest Frank Ocean, who if last night performance is anything to go by, seems to get better with every performance.