Seth Macfarlane has abandoned plans to revive The Flintstones because main character Fred is too similar to his famous Family Guy patriarch, Peter Griffin.
It was confirmed in April (12) that the animator/actor had shelved the planned TV reboot to work on other projects.
However, MacFarlane admits he ran into another dilemma - prehistoric protagonist Fred Flintstone shares a lot of qualities with his lovable Family Guy lead Peter Griffin.
When asked about their similarities, MacFarlane tells Bill Maher, "That's kind of the other problem. There were a number of issues with it - the predominant issue was schedule but it was a challenge. In a world where there are so many animated fathers on television who can trace their cartoon lineage directly back to Fred Flintstone, where does Fred Flintstone fit in himself?"
MacFarlane insists he has no time for the revamp as he is too busy with his other cartoons, including American Dad! and The Cleveland Show, as well as his sci-fi documentary series Cosmos: A Space-Time Odyssey.
He adds, "(The Flintstones) kind of went south. At some point in the future you may (see it but) at the moment, it was the tipping point of work for me. I couldn't squeeze it in. It was a deal that was kind of begun four years ago and it took a while to work out all the details. By the time it was all done, my schedule just wouldn't permit it."