Seth Macfarlane is by no means a stranger to the world of comedy, with three hit series and a top grossing film over his belt, however tonight he will be taking his first steps into what many American comics consider the defining moment in their career, hosting Saturday Night Live.
The massively influential and popular variety programme will be kick starting its umpteenth series tonight (September 15th) and will mark MACFarlane's first appearance on the show. He will be joined by musical guest Frank Ocean, someone who Seth has voiced his admiration for in the past, with the Ted writer describing the R&B upstart as being "immensely talented" and someone who goes against the grain of most singers in the public eye today, who are largely "not so talented."
As is the norm for SNL, the show will be full of satire and parody, however one thing that will not be brought up in the show is the much publicised break-up of Twilight stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. During a recent chat to Entertainment Weekly, the Family Guy writer responded to the break up by saying, "Who f**ing cares?"
The comic then told EW, during rehersals for tonight's SNL, "I still have my house, my cat is still alive. I don't care what happens."