Seth Macfarlane messed up announcing the Reality Show Host Emmy Award winner because he had the wrong microphone.

The 'Family Guy' creator took to the stage at last night's (23.09.12) ceremony to announce 'Dancing with the Stars' presenter Tom Bergeron had won the prize but suffered a mishap when he spoke into a switched-off mic.

After he found the correct microphone, he joked in the voice of 'Family Guy' baby Stewie Griffin: ''This is what happens when you don't come to rehearsal. That's gonna be on YouTube.''

He later poked fun at himself on twitter.

He tweeted: ''Oh, THERE'S the f**king mike. (sic)''

Meanwhile, 'Veep' star Julia Louis-Dreyfus also sparked laughter from the audience after she switched acceptance speeches with fellow nominee Amy Poelher when she hugged the 'Parks and Recreation' star as she made her way to the stage at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles.

She said: ''Thank you so much, I am a bit overwhelmed. First of all, I'd like to thank NBC, 'Parks and Rec', my beautiful boys Archie and Abel.''

Amy then ran up to the stage with Julia's 'real' speech, with the actress reading: ''This show is a comedy but there's nothing funny about me being vice president of the United States...

''One last thing written here. Isn't it a shame Amy Poehler didn't win ... what?''

The camera then cut to Amy sitting with a pencil in her hand.

Other highlights included a surprise musical tribute.

After the ceremony's host Jimmy Kimmel complained people in Hollywood don't get proper tributes at awards shows until they die, operatic pop singer Josh Groban appeared to perform a slow version of One Direction's 'You Don't Know You're Beautiful' for the presenter as a montage of his career highlights played.