Seth Macfarlane has already got a list of targets for when he hosts this year's Academy Awards.

The 'Family Guy' funnyman has been given the honour of presenting the prestigious ceremony - which takes place at Hollywood's Kodak Theatre on February 24 - and he was pleased when the nominations were released yesterday (10.01.13) because it means he can single out some of the famous attendees.

He said of the nominations being revealed: ''Well, it allows us to get more specific because we were working with a knowledge of what movies were out there and what movies were most likely to get nominated, but we had no list of actual nominees. Today, that all changed. We have a list to work with. We have some targets for our jokes and we can really start digging into it.''

Seth admits he was stunned when he was approached to be this year's host because he never thought he would be asked.

He told ''That's one thing I never thought would happen. This was, in every way, a complete surprise. I didn't know I was being discussed. I didn't know that my name had come up. It came out of the blue, and it made it that much more of a joy.''