Seth Macfarlane was very critical of his Oscars performance.

The 'Family Guy' creator came under fire for some of his more risqué jokes while hosting the Academy Awards on Sunday night (24.02.13) and had to be reassured at length by his family that things went well after the ceremony.

Speaking on Access Hollywood Live, Seth's sister Rachael explained: ''He's incredibly, incredibly critical of himself. So we were saying, 'You were fantastic, it was amazing.' He said, 'I'm always going to find something.' ''

However, the funnyman soon forgot his worries and had a total ''blast'' on the dancefloor once he had downed a few cocktails at his exclusive after-party, which was held at The Lot in West Hollywood.

Rachel laughed: ''He seemed happy, he seemed relaxed. He was having a blast at his party. He was feeling no pain at around two in the morning. He stayed clear through the whole show and then once it was over...''

Seth was spotted deep in conversation with actress Charlize Theron - who attended the party alongside cast members from 'Glee' and 'The Vampire Diaries' - and the pair seemed to be getting along famously.

An eyewitness told E! News: ''Charlize was very chatty with Seth and they shared a laugh in between his performances. The party wasn't packed, but everyone seemed to be enjoying the singing and dancing.''

As part of the Oscars, Charlize danced a waltz with Channing Tatum while Seth sang 'The Way You Look Tonight'.

The 37-year-old star - a former ballerina - is also set to star in Seth's new comedy western film 'A Million Ways To Die In the West'.