Seth Macfarlane is set to guest host the first episode of the new season of NBC show 'Saturday Night Live' this weekend (September 15th 2012).

The genius behind 'Family Guy' told Associated Press that he was looking forward to taking a back seat in his career ventures for the first time for his appearance on the popular comedy sketch show. 'It's always a nice break to NOT be the guy in charge', he said. 'It's the complete antithesis of the nine months it takes us to do one episode of an animated series.'

And MACFarlane's presence is just one of the many pleasant surprises to be expected from the upcoming 38th season though the show's head writer, Seth Meyers, is keen to keep as much as he can under wraps. When the subject of who was going to impersonate vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan on the show came up in an interview with Matt Lauer on the 'Today' show, he said: 'I feel like that's going to be a surprise' and added that it wasn't going to be him because 'LORNE [MICHAELS, 'SNL' creator] doesn't like when I'm in sketches'.

Whilst SNL fans are buzzing about what to expect from the show, MACFarlane is asked if he is having any problems with nerves ahead of the impending airing. 'Aren't there drugs that can get rid of the butterflies these days?' he joked to AP. We're hoping that his appearance on the show is going to provide him with some fodder for the hilarious Seth MACfarlane Twitter feed!