Actor Seth Green was left questioning his daredevil attitude, after he faced death on the set of his upcoming comedy Without A Paddle.

The 30-year-old screen star, who stars in the movie alongside MATTHEW LILLARD and DAX SHEPHARD, was on the New Zealand set filming a scene where his character gets knocked out of a canoe into raging waters - but in real life he ended up being caught in Class 5 rapids.

Director STEVEN BRILL says, "Seth is kind of fearless. He jumped into a tide pool that he couldn't get out of and almost got sucked under a rock.

"The safety guy jumped in to save him on a WAVERUNNER, but that guy fell off the WaveRunner, and it sank and also got sucked into the tide pool."

In the end, both Green and the safety worker were rescued unhurt - but very shaken.

Green recalls, "It was just a matter of holding my breath and acting the whole time."

02/08/2004 02:46