Actor Seth Green quickly realised how little celebrity clout he had recently, when his false claims that he was dating pal Macaulay Culkin's girlfriend Mila Kunis went ignored.

The AUSTIN POWERS star and Ukrainian beauty Kunis devised a plan to shock the press with revelations of an affair behind Culkin's back, but they were quickly humbled when they realised nobody was interested.

Green says, "There was a rumour going around that (Mila and I) were dating, 'cause her boyfriend was out of town and we went to a club together. We tried to work it and nobody caught on to it.

"You realise the limitations of your celebrity when you try and manipulate the media. We were like, 'Oh, we're dating!' And nobody (reacted)... We just thought it would be funny and then nobody bit so we just got onto other topics."

07/05/2005 01:45