The brains behind hit children's show Sesame Street are hoping to give young TV viewers a better understanding of the world with a new segment about global cultures.

Popular puppet Grover will star in a new educational snippet, GLOBAL GROVER, which will offer American kids information about children from other countries.

Sesame Street began its 34th season Monday (14APR03), when the new Grover segment debuted.

Grover introduces video segments from all over the world that teach the show's pre-school viewers about different cultures, and what they have in common.

The blue puppet says, "Everyone on Sesame Street chipped in this past year to send me all around the world to learn about children in other countries and other cultures.

"I come back and I always bring something from my travels and teach everyone on Sesame Street about the places I went to."

The new season of Sesame Street feature guest appearances by America's First Lady Laura Bush, STAR WARS star Natalie Portman and Sheryl Crow.