Sesame Street is releasing a commerative box set of musical stars' performances on the seminal kids TV show - including tracks by Celine Dion, Billy Joel and REM.

The American show has featured a host of artists since hitting the small screen - and to celebrate the programme's 35th birthday a three-CD box set SONGS FROM THE STREET will collate the best performances.

A host of major stars - including Johnny Cash, Stevie Wonder, Bb King and STEVEN TYLER - will all appear with remastered versions of the songs performed whilst visiting the puppet based show.

Tony Bennett, who sang LITTLE THINGS in 1995, explains Sesame Street's appeal, "I'll tell you why Sesame Street is so cool. When I play with my quartet, the music is very much in the moment. And they are doing the same thing at Sesame Street with words. It's spontaneous, it comes right from the head and the heart, and it is just wonderful."

18/07/2003 17:25