Serge Pizzorno prepared for headlining Glastonbury in 2014 by listening to an audiobook with Noel Fielding.

The Kasabian frontman and his bandmates performed on the main stage at the world famous music extravaganza three years ago, and he has revealed he did the least rock 'n' roll activity with his comedian pal.

The pair relaxed to 1889 Jerome K. Jerome novel 'Three Men in a Boat', a funny tale documenting a man's two-week boating trip from Kingston upon Thames to Oxford and back, to warm-up for the 'Bless This Acid House' hitmakers' set.

Revealing the pre-show ritual he used to get hyped for the big gig, Serge told the latest issue of DIY magazine: ''Before we went on, me and Noel [Fielding] were listening to 'Three Men In A Boat' on an audiobook. ''Imagine that? We were lying down in the bunks [of the tour bus], f***ing crying with laughter.

''I had my phone in the middle and we were lying next to each other, going 'this is f***ing great'. Just mellowing out.

''You wanna be still. Like Elvis with black leather over the windows so it's as dark as possible.

''Then an hour before the gig, it's like 'BAM'. Right. F***ing pupils like that. Eyes open. Ready.''

Kasabian frontman Tom Meighan previously reflected on the band's 2017 Pyramid Stage set, and said that they did it in their own style incorporating the love of rock and rave music in a hope of making an ''emotional'' connection with the crowd.

He explained: ''Every band has their own way of getting the audience into a higher state, an emotional connection of 'this is blowing my mind'. The Prodigy have their way, Radiohead have their way. In that year, we figured out how we do it.

''For us, we were inspired by the early rave scene and the explosion of rock music in the early 90s and we managed to combine that enthusiasm and emotional connection with the communal get together of the rave scene. That's what Glastonbury was (their set)''

On their new documentary, Kasabian commented: ''We're on album number six now, so it feels like a good time to take a minute to look back at the story so far - as well as look ahead to what's next.''