Late French pop legend Serge Gainsbourg has been exposed as a strict Victorian father with a secret love for Scottish delicacy haggis in a new magazine tribute by his muse Jane Birkin. The actress/singer sat down to remember her late ex-husband with Gainsbourg fan and Franz Ferdinand frontman Alex Kapranos for an article in America's Interview magazine. And the TAKE ME OUT singer, who duets with Birkin on tribute album MONSIEUR GAINSBOURG REVISITED, was in for a series of surprises as Birkin revealed all. She recalls, "He (Gainsbourg) was an extremely sentimental, very Victorian father - no hands or elbows on the table, none of that c**p." And, though Gainsbourg is among the most famous Frenchmen to have ever lived, Birkin insists he loved Britain and much-maligned British cuisine. She adds, "He said you couldn't get more exotic than coming into Victoria Station and, in the first pub he got to, having the first haggis. He thought it was the most wonderful dish in the world.