Serena Williams' customised trainers for her wedding took ''24 hours'' to create.

The 36-year-old professional tennis player - who married Alexis Ohanian earlier this month - donned a pair of Nike Cortez trainers embellished with Swarovski to her marital ceremony, which took designer Michelle Meneses an entire day to create after being messaged by the sporting ace at midnight on evening.

Speaking to about her contribution to Serena's ensemble for her Disney-themed bash, she said: ''It took me literally 24 hours. She basically messaged me around midnight, and then I had this vision, and then I had the shoes at my front door.''

And Michelle worked solidly on the shoes until it was time to ship the item back to Serena.

She added: ''I worked [nonstop] until the FedEx cutoff.''

Michelle has hinted Serena is a hard task master and ''definitely pushes'' her to ''do [her] best'' and create innovative pieces for her.

She added: ''She definitely pushes me and inspires me to do my best.''

However, this was not the first time Serena - who has two-month-old son Alexis Jr. Olympia with her spouse - called upon Michelle for her styling expertise, as one year ago the creative mastermind added a special touch to Serena's outfit she wore to a secret dance event, which is believed to occur every year between her and her 37-year-old sister Venus.

She explained: ''Serena and I connected through our mutual love of dance a few years ago, and we had the same dance teacher. The teacher knew that I loved customising my own outfits and shiny everything, and so he spoke to Serena about me, and then she reached out.''