Selma Blair often goes to a ''darker side'' of herself.

The 'Dark Horse' actress - who welcomed son Arthur with partner Jason Bleick in July 2011 - does not think she has mental issues but does not always take on life in a positive way.

She said: ''Just as my CV has light and dark sides, I suppose there are two sides to my own character. I go from being hugely popular and entertaining to really not. I'm not a manic depressive, but I can really go to the dark side.''

Despite often turning away from major roles in favour of supporting ones, Selma reveals she was recently offered a reality TV show, something she turned down.

She said: ''You have to do it all to make a living, unless you are Cate Blanchett. You have to write five books and come out with a line of socks. I got approached to do a reality show now so long ago.

''I decided I'm too much reality for anyone. I don't have the Gaggle of goofy friends, and you have to do a lot of branding.''

Selma is now looking forward to her life and is hopeful of where her career is going.

She told The Observer Magazine: ''I am hopeful again. I want a good life and a great career more than I ever have. I don't know that I actually believed I deserved one until now.''