Selma Blair's ''heart is broken'' following the death of her dog.

The 45-year-old actress has penned a heartfelt tribute to her 13-year-old pet pooch named Ducky, which was a Chihuahua and pug cross, after she was involved in an accident earlier this week.

Alongside a photograph of her six-year-old son Arthur holding their four-legged friend, which was shared on her Instagram account, she wrote: ''Run with the angels. We miss you so much. So much, sweet girl. With the spirit of you and wink. Our hearts are broken. (sic).''

After the incident the brunette beauty was given the opportunity to put Ducky to sleep or to go ahead and try to fix her ''body and organs back together'' following the horrific ordeal.

Although the vet ''recommended'' the first option, Selma decided on the latter because she caught a glance of Ducky's tail wagging.

Speaking previously about the options she was given, she wrote: ''Please say prayers for Ducky. She had a terrible accident this evening . The vet recommended ending her suffering. But when her tail wagged, I couldn't do it. We are going ahead to try to put her body and organs back together. She is our home. (sic).''

Selma has hinted went ahead with her decision to keep Ducky alive after seeing how distraught her child was, and she prayed for a ''miracle'' to happen to save her beloved pet.

Her post continued: ''We ask for this miracle. Please say a word. Arthur's heart is broken. (sic).''

Although Ducky's life has come to an end, the 'Cruel Intentions' star is already planning to find a replacement for her late furry friend and is hoping her and her family are ''sent'' a new dog.

Her recent post concluded: ''Please send us our next dog. (sic).''