Selma Blair is still ''recovering'' from breastfeeding.

The 45-year-old actress is mother to six-year-old son Arthur - whose father is fashion designer Jason Bleick - and nursed the youngster for years to help with his medical issues, at the expense of her own health as she thinks it led to her becoming malnourished.

Selma told The Observer newspaper: ''My son had some health issues and he really needed the breast milk, so that really was my job. I thought: 'Aaaah, I guess I can die now, I got him through that!' But I depleted myself, too, and I'm still recovering. I still have to remind myself that my own body needs healthier fats than fried food.''

The 'Cruel Intentions' star also revealed that because of a rare condition called idiopathic hyperprolactinaemia, her nipples had produced a discharge resembling milk since she was seven years old.

Selma said: ''I've always been someone that could make milk, ever since I was seven years old. Never had breasts, always had milk!''

The 'Hellboy' star recently came forward to accuse director James Toback of sexual harassment and claimed he threatened to harm her if she ever told anyone about the incident in 1999.

She admitted she had been terrified about the legal consequences of coming forward, fearing she would be sued by the filmmaker but now she feels determined to get justice.

She said: ''I was still afraid because I was the only one who was somewhat known, so I thought this is all gonna be on me, this lawsuit. I won't be able to put my kid through school.

''Then it turned out there were 38 other women accusing him, and he called them ***s and c**ksuckers and liars, so I thought, OK, I'll lose everything, I'll go to court. I will be on the right side of history.''

And the actress frankly admitted she now feels an urge to exploit her celebrity in order to make money to support her child as a single mother.

She said: ''I probably need to look like I'm trying to join the club. It's true, there wasn't a desperation before, but with a kid I'm being introduced to some desperation. I've never made tons of money, I've never been a huge star. I've always been the dark horse.

''It's true, I'm not totally out because I've never been totally in. There's a certain luck I have because people think I'm still chic, because I never wanted to be totally in. For me it's about survival. I'd be content if I could ride horses all day and be with my son and read books. I'm kind of simple. But I have to make a living and I'm a bit scared s***less how I'm gonna do this.''