Hollywood actress Selma Blair steers clear of the Hollywood club scene - because Los Angeles partygoers always assume her outspoken ramblings are those of a drunken woman. The Cruel Intentions star - who reportedly spent a spell in rehab last year (07) - admits her wacky personality often leaves "polished" L.A. revellers convinced she's inebriated. However, Blair insists her verbal outpourings are sober ones, and blasts those who are narrow-minded enough to think otherwise. She says, "It's true. People think I'm drunk even when I'm not - which is why I don't go to clubs in this town. I say whatever I think and most people don't know what to make of it. "It's not always cool. I prefer it when someone is not afraid to look like a fool. That's the kind of guy or girl I want to hang with. Someone not so polished."