Actress Selma Blair is proud to be starring in the U.S. version of Australian TV comedy KATH + KIM - because she had to battle network bosses to land the role.
The Hellboy star has signed up to appear in the NBC adaptation of the hit Aussie show alongside funnywoman Molly Shannon.
It focuses on the dysfunctional relationship between a daughter and her mother.
And Blair had to fight hard to make TV executives believe she was the right candidate for the part - because no one wanted her to be involved in the project.
She explains, "We're trying to do it on our own terms. But it's a different show. This one has a little more heart than the Australian one.
"I really fought to do it. No one really wanted me, but it was great material. I really wanted to be on the show and stay put (in Hollywood) for a while. I think it will really work."