Selma Blair and her husband Ahmet Zappa live in an unpleasant-smelling home, after finding a dead skunk under their floorboards.

The Legally Blonde actress and her husband of nine months purchased their $1.3 million (GBP720,000) West Hollywood abode in the summer (05), and they've already run into troubles with it.

She says, "We bought a house together and we were fumigating it for termites. And after a couple weeks it stinks, it's wrong, something's bad, it smells like a corpse.

"A few more weeks go by and I think, 'Maybe not such a good look for the two of us,' but the smell is growing and it's very frightening. And then it starts to smell like a skunk.

"We can't find it and the floorboards get ripped up searching everywhere. And there, lo and behold is the cutest little baby skunk - dead.

"(The smell is still) kind of there so the house is now called Skunk Manor.