Selita Ebanks was dismissed from Vogue magazine with a wave of the hand from editor Anna Wintour.

The Victoria's Secret model - who has recently been lauded for her starring role in Kanye West's 'Runaway' film - told how she once had a disastrous meeting with bosses at The Fashion bible.

Explaining the situation, she told MTV News: "I wore Timberland boots. I had on corduroy high-water flooded beige pants with a button-down plaid shirt. I was a tomboy.

"I remember walking in ... Trudy, from Vogue at the time, she looks at me startled and I didn't understand why. I was like, 'What up? Who am I here to meet?'

"I walk into The Office, I got maybe two Steps into the room and I look and it's amazing Ms Anna Wintour. She goes [makes a dismissive wave] and dismisses me.

"Needless to say my cover did not come out, to say the least, and I have never shot Vogue magazine."

Rather than being bitter, Selita, 27, considers her visit to the offices a learning experience.

She added: "Now that I reflect back on it the lesson is to always do your homework.

"Always be aware, don't just take people's word for it and walk into a room. I should've asked, 'Who am I here to see? Who will be in the room?' But this is something you live and you learn."