Selena Gomez is going to ''spoil'' her baby sister.

The 'Come and Get It' hitmaker's mother Mandy Cornett gave birth to a daughter last Thursday (13.06.13), and the singer can't wait to bond with her stepsister and shower her with gifts.

In an interview prior to her sister's birth, she told ''I want to be the best sister in the world. I'm really going to spoil the baby! I can't wait.''

However, the 20-year-old star realises her new sibling will be much younger than her and thinks she may end up more like the tot's aunt than a sister.

She said: ''There's going to be a big age difference, so I think I'm going to be more like a cool aunt.''

The singer-and-actress also revealed that her taste in men has changed as she's gotten older, although she isn't looking for a new beau following her split from teen heartthrob Justin Bieber earlier this year.

She said: ''You grow up, you change and your tastes change too. It's always evolving. What do I look for in a guy? Someone I can have fun with. To be honest, I'm not really thinking about that at this moment in time, so we'll see!''