Selena Gomez admits she is immature when it comes to love.

The 'Come and Get It' singer - who has an on/off relationship with Justin Bieber - is gearing up to celebrate her 21st birthday on July 22 but says she sometimes still feels like a teenager.

She told 'ET Canada': ''I feel like sometimes I am 15 in my heart. You know, sometimes I just go in waves of being a child and being an adult. It's awkward, I am growing up. I am just trying to figure out who I am.''

But the 'Spring Breakers' actress is looking forward to celebrating the milestone in Los Angeles next month and being legally able to drink alcohol.

She said: ''I'm going to enjoy being 21, absolutely, of course.

''I am going to have a party. ... My family from Texas, my friends [and] my cousins are flying in. I will have some of my best friends in L.A.''

Selena insists she has no regrets about anything she has done in her life or career to date, saying: ''Everyone goes through things, the bad and the good, and at the end of the day, I don't regret anything. It makes me who I am.''

She has also learnt to accept that all of her actions are scrutinised because she is in the public eye.

She said: ''(Without it), I wouldn't get to do what I love.''