Selena Gomez still ''loves'' Justin Bieber.

The 'Come And Get It' hitmaker - who has been in an on/off relationship with the 20-year-old singer since 2011 - has admitted she used her recent time in the studio to get over the heartbreak.

She told Norway's NRJ radio: ''I definitely have so much respect and love for him. And going in the studios just very therapeutic ...

''It was my way of having it be a message more to people in general. People everywhere feel this feeling, and they should understand when anybody goes through that.''

Meanwhile, a source recently revealed that Justin dyed his hair blonde to win back Selena.

The insider previously shared: ''Selena has been telling Justin to highlight his hair for the past year.

''He was always resistant to the idea so she thinks it's strange that he would decide to dye his hair now. She's surprised how blonde he went.''

The 22-year-old singer is also reportedly hurt by the 'Baby' hitmaker's close relationship with Hailey Baldwin.

A source revealed: ''Selena hasn't spoken to Justin for some time now and is just disappointed that he flaunts his relationship with Hailey.

''Even if they aren't dating, she takes it as a dig. She knows him all too well.''