Selena Gomez worried her career would be over when she released her new album.

The 27-year-old singer admitted she was concerned no one would like 'Rare' - her first LP since 2015's 'Revival' - and if it ''completely flopped'', she'd have found herself in a downward spiral with nowhere left to go.

Asked the scariest thing about releasing the record, she said: ''That no one would like it and my career as a singer would be over. I genuinely thought that.

''I worked so, so hard on this album. It could have come out and completely flopped, and then it's like, well, where do you go from here?

''I would have questioned everything because I doubt myself and that's where I would have ended up - in a spiral.

''So I'm glad that it's doing well. But I did everything I could to make it as personal and real (as possible).''

The 'Lose You To Love Me' singer feels like she's a different person now than she was in the last decade and is ready to leave the ''timid and weak girl'' she used to be behind.

Asked what she's taking away from the 2010s, she told Dazed magazine: ''Just leaving behind that girl who was just, you know, very timid, weak, abused and silent. And now I'm stepping into who I'm meant to be; I'm leaving that girl behind. I'm giving her a hug. I am who I am.''

While Selena is proud of her past music, she isn't keen on her image at the time.

Discussing what makes her cringe about her early career, she admitted: ''My style. My style of music and my style in general. It was just not a great combination. I'm proud of all the music I released, of course, but it was just such a different time that sometimes when I hear it, I'm like, 'Oh no!''