Selena Gomez, the 18-year-old girlfriend of pop superstar Justin Bieber, has joked she "rented out" the Eiffel Tower whilst filming new movie 'Monte Carlo' in Paris. Gomez and co-star Leighton Meester have been extolling the virtues of shooting the stylish new movie, which hits cinemas in the U.S. today (1st July 2011), reports MTV News.
The movie follows the story of a young teenager mistaken for a British heiress while vacationing in Paris. Gomez, Meester and Cory Monteith spent around two months shooting the movie overseas in some of the most spectacular locations in the world. Discussing her time spent in France, Monaco and Hungary, Gomez said, "It was really cool to experience all those places for the first time". Meester agreed, adding, "It was fun both on- and off screen.We got up in the Eiffel Tower. But it wasn't just go up for a trip, we got there all alone. It was just us at 5 a.m. when the sun was just rising. It was really beautiful". Gomez joked, "We rented out the Eiffel Tower, no big deal". The movie is directed by Thomas Bezucha and is produced by the Hollywood actress Nicole Kidman.
Selena Gomez recently completed work on the highly anticipated comedy movie 'The Muppets'. The film boats an all-star cast including Emily Blunt, Jack Black, Ricky Gervais, Amy Adams and KATY PERRY.