Selena Gomez has been left overjoyed after Britney Spears publicly praised her cover of the pop superstar's debut hit ...Baby One More Time for a new film, and invited the singer/actress to duet with her.

The former Wizards of Waverly Place star sings the 1998 track in her edgy new movie Spring Breakers, and she was coaxed into performing a karaoke version of the tune live with her co-stars Ashley Benson and Rachel Korine during a discussion panel at the South by Southwest music and film festival in Austin, Texas on Monday (11Mar13).

Responding to criticism she and her co-stars lip-synced the cover, a surprised Gomez said, "Wait, I'm confused - they (critics) thought we were lip-syncing? It doesn't even sound good though!"

The 20 year old then took the lead as she sang the bridge of ...Baby One More Time with Benson and Korine, and video footage of the impromptu sing-along has since caught the attention of Spears herself.

Sharing a link to the footage with fans on, Spears writes, "Awww @selenagomez can duet with me anytime... Ps- I heard @springbreakers is Aaa-Mazing (sic)! Can't wait to see it!"

And the high praise has left Gomez speechless. She replies, "@britneyspears I can't breath (sic). My life is made! Thank you!!"