Selena Gomez likes going to Hooters.

The Disney actress admits she has no problems with going to the American diner chain - where the waitresses wear notoriously skimpy outfits - and tucking into calorific, unhealthy food.

She told David Letterman: "I like Hooters. I went in for fried pickles and curly fries. I'm from Texas. We fry everything. Fried butter, fried Oreos, fried Twix, fried Twinkies..."

The beauty - who celebrates her 18th birthday today (22.07.10) - also revealed she had a recent water fight with actor Josh Duhamel whilst filming their new movie 'Ramona and Beezuz'.

She laughed: "Everybody was so competitive. We were genuinely fighting so it was really fun. It was cold in Vancouver at the time. It was still early Spring and we were kind of freezing. I'm surprised nobody got sick.

"I think Josh's side won because he went completely overboard with it. Guys are just way more competitive."