Selena Gomez was left red-faced on TV in America on Tuesday (22Mar11) as she tried to downplay reports she's dating Justin Bieber - again.
The actress/singer was a guest on the Ellen DeGeneres Show and the host decided to play back a sample of her last appearance on the chat show in September (10), when Gomez dismissed rumours she was romancing the Baby singer.
Back then she said, "He's little... He's like my little brother."
Gomez giggled uncontrollably as DeGeneres repeated, "He's like my little brother..." and added, "What do you have to say now?"
The teenager responded, "It's a great thing to say, huh?"
DeGeneres pressed on and asked, "He's not like your little brother is he?"
Blushing Gomez simply shook her head.
DeGeneres added to the singer/actress' embarrassment at the end of her interview by handing her a pillow with Bieber's face on it, stating, "I know you're apart from Justin and I don't want you to miss him too much."
Giggling Gomez said, "He's gonna make me sleep with this every night. Thank you for that."