Selena Gomez doesn't feel ready for a high-end fashion line.

The singer-and-actress has her own affordable clothing range - Dream Out Loud - and while she's proud of that, she has no intention of branching out into a more expensive collection as she wouldn't want her clothes to be really expensive.

She said: ''I love doing it, and I'm super proud of it. But I definitely don't think I'm ready for that (a high-end fashion line). It's a whole other market that feels way more intimidating. I've never been comfortable with saying, 'Here's a top that I'm going to sell for $350, and it's just a T-shirt.' ''

Selena - who is dating Justin Bieber - also said she rarely buys expensive clothes as she can't justify it and only wears them if she gets sent them.

She told Teen Vogue magazine: ''I get sent things that are really nice, and I'm like, 'This is cute,' and I look at the tag and it's $200. I'm like, Oh my gosh, people probably think I buy it, and I don't. It's really weird.''