Selena Gomez thinks it's ''cool'' that she shares her birthday with Prince George Alexander Louis.

The actress-and-singer is ''honoured'' that Prince William and Duchess Catherine's first child entered the world on Monday (22.07.13) the same day she celebrated turning 21.

Speaking to E! News, Selena said: ''How crazy is that?! I share my birthday with the royal baby, that's crazy! I'm never going to forget that ever in my life.''

The 'Spring Breakers' star was getting regular updates on Catherine's labour and the birth on the day from various journalists so she knew exactly when Prince George - who is third-in-line to the British throne - had arrived.

She added: ''It's crazy, I thought that was so cool. I was doing press the actual day of my birthday, so they were telling me and they were keeping me updated [on the birth] and it was cool. I'm honoured.''

The pop beauty will always remember that she shares her birthday with the future King of England and has joked the young prince's birthday will always be more important than her own.

She quipped: ''Everyone's going to say happy birthday to me and I'm going to be like, 'But honestly, it's the royal baby's birthday.' That's what I'm going to say.''

Selena's celebrated her big day with friends with a meal and her first legal drinks at the Bagatelle restaurant in West Hollywood, California, before hitting Beacher's Madhouse club on Monday.

On Wednesday (24.07.13) she was presented with a cake at the launch of her 'Dream Out Loud' fall clothing collection for US store K-Mart.