Selena Gomez is a ''big romantic'' but isn't looking for a boyfriend.

The 20-year-old star admitted fame makes it hard to be open with potential suitors and revealed she is happy to be single.

Speaking to The Sun Sunday newspaper, she said: ''I am a big romantic and I want to be very open and trusting but you need to protect yourself.

''I'd love to have a great boyfriend but I'm not really looking for one.''

The actress told the publication being a celebrity makes her more nervous about potential romancers because she's never sure about their intentions.

She explained: ''It makes you more wary sometimes about meeting people because you don't know whether they want to get close to you because of what you do or because they really like your company and just want to hang out with you.''

Selena has seen two high-profile relationships break up in the public eye, first with 'Twilight' actor Taylor Lautner and more recently splitting with her on/off boyfriend Justin Bieber in January.

While the former Disney star is remaining cautious about her love life, she is looking to take risks with her acting career with raunchy new film 'Spring Breakers', a big shock to her usual fan-base.

She said: ''It obviously isn't a film geared towards young teenagers and I've kind of tried to tell parents they should be ware this is not like a Disney TV series.

''But I'm trying to do the best I can to challenge myself and take me out of my own comfort zone.

''That's something all young people go through in life and there's no point in shying away from that fact.''