Selena Gomez ''seemed in great spirits'' before taking a break to focus on her mental health.

The 'Back To You' singer recently decided to step away from her hectic work life to make sure she's taking care of herself, and her tattoo artist Keith McCurdy has revealed he spoke to her not long before her decision and, to him, she was well.

Speaking to Page Six TV, the designer - known as Bang Bang - said: ''Right before I heard [Selena's] taking some time to work on her mental health, I talked to her. She was going to come in and get tattoos with a couple of friends and she seemed in great spirits. She sent me a video describing what she wanted to get.''

Last month, it was revealed Selena was seeking treatment for an ''emotional breakdown'' after suffering a panic attack, which came after she was hospitalised with a low white blood cell count.

Meanwhile, McCurdy also opened up about Demi Lovato - another of his famous clients - and admitted they hadn't spoken since it was revealed she had undergone treatment in rehab for her substance abuse issues.

He said: ''It's relatable. I sympathise with it. She's really brave ... I've had a ton of conversations with her about substance abuse and struggling through it, growing up and being the center of all the attention in the room and the pressure.

''I haven't spoken to her since she had her issue, but I sent her a message, saying, 'I love you.' ''

Demi, 26, has just completed a 90-day rehab programme following her drugs overdose in July.