Selena Gomez doesn't want to know how much her red carpet outfits cost.

The 21-year-old singer prefers to turn a blind eye when it comes to the dresses designers lend her for big events because it would make her nervous to know their real price tags.

She laughed: ''I don't even want to know how much they usually cost, but it's been really fun for me to dress up and get to meet different designers. I don't think I could ever actually purchase a huge gown unless it's my wedding dress!''

Nevertheless, the 'Come & Get It' hitmaker is prone to splurging on clothes when she gets a big pay check, revealing her weakness is shoes.

Asked what her biggest extravagance is, Selena said: ''Dolce & Gabbana! I remember being really young and obsessed with Dolce, and I did buy a pair of black heels in Paris one time.

''They were cute, strappy, little heels. Sometimes you just have to!''

The brunette also loves a bargain buy and claims her closet is an eclectic mix of high-end brands and high street finds.

Selana added to People magazine: ''It is just kind of a mix. I have really great [designer] gifts from people, and my stylist will give me something cute.

''But other than that, it usually seems to be off the sales rack or just stuff that I enjoy.''