Selena Gomez says she's the kind of girl guys can introduce to their parents.

The 21-year-old pop star - who split from heartthrob Justin Bieber earlier this year - insists she isn't the type of person to succumb to a new beau's advances easily and prefers long-term commitment.

On the subject of love, she said: ''You fall in love and it completely consumes you. So a part of you is broken when that's gone. And part of you wants to have that rebellious feeling where you're just like, 'Forget it, I can do anything I want.' I've tried it and I've never been that girl. I'm always going to be the girl you want to take home to your parents, not for the night.''

Meanwhile, the 'Come and Get It' hitmaker feels she has a ''good sense of judgement'' and hopes to avoid the same pitfalls experienced by some of her fellow former child stars, however, she believes she can only grow from experience.

She explained to the new issue of Teen Vogue magazine: ''The older I've gotten, the more I've learned that I have to open myself up to all opportunities. Maybe I'll get burned and not meet the right people, but I won't know until I do it.''

The actress-and-singer also admits to having a short attention span, as well as not getting enough sleep.

She added: ''My attention span is all over the place and I over think things. I'm an insomniac. Dancing allows me to go away and not have to think of what I'm doing next. That is the opportunity for me to really escape.''