Selena Gomez is refusing to miss out on Thanksgiving Day dinner when she performs during half-time at the Dallas Cowboys/Oakland Raiders game on 28 November (13) - she has asked her family to cook up a feast for her in return for tickets to the big game.

The Come & Get It singer will perform during the midway point of the Cowboys' traditional Thanksgiving Day game in her native Texas - and she's determined to mix business with pleasure.

She explains, "We're going to have my family come out and watch and I'm actually making my grandmother make food and box it up and bring it to the Cowboys game, so I can eat too."

After the big performance later this month and a handful of holiday shows, the busy star is planning a New Year break, adding, "I'm going to go away for New Years (sic). I haven't decided a destination yet, but I'm going to go with all my girls."