Selena Gomez doesn't care where she goes with Justin Bieber.

The 19-year-old star has been pictured enjoying outings throughout the US with the teenage singing sensation but she insists the place they are in isn't important as they enjoy each other's company so much.

She said: "We don't even think about where we go. We just like being together."

However, Selena admits it can be "tough" living her life and having a relationship in the spotlight, but she still tries to be as normal as possible.

She told America's Star magazine: "I just try to continue to be as normal as possible. Of course it's tough sometimes, but I'm going to be with whomever I want. That's living my life."

When things get too much for the singer-and-actress, she has learned to shut out the world by sleeping.

She said: "I close the curtains and shut out the world."

Selena recently praised "romantic" Justin and revealed the most recent gift he had given her - a bottle of his own fragrance, Someday.

She said: "Yeah, he is romantic. He gave me a bottle of his new perfume the other day. I'm not really a one-fragrance kind of girl though. I like all kinds."

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