Sela Ward has signed up to join 'CSI: NY'.

The 54-year-old actress is being lined up to portray a new CSI Assistant Supervisor in the US police drama series from season seven, which will air on CBS this autumn.

Although her character name is still unknown, the will play an experienced investigator from Washington D.C., starring alongside actor Gary Sinise's character Detective Mac Taylor - which he has played since 2004.

She said: "I am thrilled to be working with Gary and this terrific group of people. I'm a huge fan."

Executive producer Pam Veasey added: "We are delighted to have Sela joining 'CSI: NY'.

"With the exciting stories planned for season seven, she'll be a dynamic addition to the cast and the team."

This news comes just days after Melina Kanakaredes quit her role of Detective Stella Bonasera, which she has played since the show began in 2004.