American actress Sela Ward is the latest star to lash out at JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE's bodice-ripping Super Bowl performance - because it presented a bad sexual image to her five-year-old son.

The open-minded THE FUGITIVE star wasn't bothered about the nudity issue when Janet Jackson's right breast was exposed, but the way Timberlake ripped open her top.

She explains, "I don't agree with that extent of repression where sex is a dirty word and a dirty act and something to be feared. I have to say I'm very liberal minded.

"That said, when I saw the context within which it was done and the fact that my son sat there watching an idol very aggressively

rip off a woman's top as if this is OK to do, that kind of aggression towards a woman symbolically really bothered me.

"I found it incredibly inappropriate. I look at that as just a complete publicity stunt that was in poor taste. I don't

like the message that it gives to my son about how to treat a woman. I had a real problem with it."

10/02/2004 03:02