Texan rockers the Secret Machines have thanked idol David Bowie for helping to propel them to fame. The trio insist his celebrity endorsement has been a huge boost to their career and were thrilled when the HEROES hitmaker first announced himself a fan on his website. The posting read, "The great news this week is that the Secret MAChines have finished their new album and I hope to get a copy shortly. "This may be my band for 2006. You read it here sunshine." Bowie has since recorded a downloadable podcast featuring an interview with band members BRANDON CURTIS, BENJAMIN CURTIS and drummer JOSH GARZA. Brandon says, "You're in a band, and this artist who's had such an impact is taking the time to say he likes us enough to interview us; it's such an honour. "It also adds to our level of notoriety, like, 'These guys know David Bowie!'"