Electro-pop star Sebastien Tellier has teamed up with clothing company American Apparel to launch his own fashion range and front their new advertising campaign.
The French singer is collaborating with the company to promote his forthcoming album Sexuality in their European stores from 23 June (08).
Tellier's new garment range will be called Sexual : IT, and his record label bosses are delighted with the partnership.
Stephane Elfassi, Record Maker's label manager says, "There are not many companies that we would partner with. It really had to feel right, and with American Apparel it does."
American Apparel's radio station Viva Radio is the driving force behind the collaboration with Tellier. And Matt Werth, content director at the station, believes the sensual songs on Sexuality fit well with the atmosphere in their stores.
Werth says: "The first single from the album is Sexual Sportswear. It's really a perfect fit. Sebastian's existing body of work is already popular among Viva Radio contributors and listeners so we're really excited to offer Sexuality in our stores."