LATEST: France's Eurovision Song Contest entrant Sebastien Tellier has promised to add French lyrics to his song - after his exclusively English entry sparked controversy in his homeland.
The singer's Divine track angered politicians in France ahead of this year's (08) competition, in which musicians from countries across Europe compete every year.
But, according to local reports, Tellier has now bowed to pressure to change the lyrics.
He says, "The baguette won't taste any worse tomorrow morning if I sing in English. I'm not going to fight it. I just want to please people."
And he adds he was never asked by television station France-3, which nominated the entry, to submit a French language song.
He adds, "If I had been asked to do a song expressly for Eurovision, I clearly would have done something in French.
"If it makes everyone happy, of course I'll make an effort (to sing in French). I'm not dense (stupid)."