The star fronted the band for around 10 years until his departure in 1996 and during his tenure, the group scored hits with a number of memorable ballads, but there's one Sebastian is particularly proud of because it remains so popular.

"It's a cross-platform smash hit song," he told Yahoo Music of the track. "I've seen Carrie Underwood's cover on YouTube. It is fantastic. She has a whole background vocal section where they have choreography to it. She hits every scream, all that ending heavy metal stuff. She kills it.

"Also, in the (Australian) issue of Rolling Stone magazine, they ask Norah Jones, 'What song was it that made you want to be a rock star?' And her answer was I Remember You by Skid Row! That's Norah Jones! She tells this story that she had a crush on this metalhead dude, so she tried to get into metal, but she couldn't get into it."

However, Sebastian reveals the song almost didn't make the cut, as his bandmates Rachel Rolan and Dave Sabo thought it was "too wimpy". Luckily for the 48-year-old, he played I Remember You to the rockers' then-manager Doc MCGhee and was given the seal of approval to feature it on their debut eponymous album in 1989.

Fans of the original Skid Row line-up may have a reason to be excited, as earlier this year (16), Sebastian hinted the rockers may reform with him at the helm rather than current stand-in ZP Theart.

"All I can tell you is we're not getting any younger, folks," he told Entertainment Tonight. "Let's put the hair band back together while we've got hair."