Rocker Sebastian Bach is convinced Scott Weiland's departure from Velvet Revolver was inevitable because he was struggling with personal issues when he landed the job as frontman.
The singer was kicked out of the group in 2008 following a series of arguments with founders Slash, Matt Sorum and Duff MCKagan and the band has been on hiatus as the trio continues to search for a suitable replacement.
But former Skid Row star Bach insists the group knew what they were getting themselves into - because Weiland was still battling a longtime drug addiction just months before he was hired.
Bach had been in the running for the Velvet Revolver role after working with the group for several weeks, but he ultimately lost out on the position because he had signed up for a theatre stint in a touring production of Jesus Christ Superstar.
He explains, "It wasn't an audition (with Slash and MCKagan). I didn't walk in and sing some songs - it wasn't like that. I worked with them for a month or a little over.
"What happened was that I was in the play Jesus Christ Superstar, on a national tour, they were paying me and Velvet Revolver was not. I had to take care of my family so I went on the road with Jesus Christ Superstar.
"They chose Scott Weiland, so they put their faith in a heroin addict. How did that work out for them...? I might drink a little bit of wine, and on occasion stain my teeth, but that's it!"
Bach claims he has no hard feelings about the snub, but he's sure Velvet Revolver would still be rocking if he had fronted the band.
He adds, "Listen, if they had picked me we'd probably still be together right now. I'm a musician like them - I'm not a junkie and not into that kind of thing. So they don't have a singer and I have a new album. Let's rock!"