Actor Seann William Scott's reputation as a big screen joker has played havoc with his romantic quests - because women always see him as the "guy who drank semen" in American Pie.

Despite cementing himself as one of Hollywood's hottest comic actors, Scott has discovered contemporary stars like Heath Ledger and Wes Bentley have fared much better with the opposite sex, because they've made their mark in serious dramas.

And Scott realises, in his case, fame hasn't increased his ability to attract women - mainly because he always seems to be kissing men in films.

He says, "It hasn't really helped me. It's not like I'm Heath Ledger riding in on a horse next to Mel Gibson (in The Patriot). Or Wes Bentley in American Beauty.

"I'm the guy who drank semen. I'm the guy who got p***ed on. I'm the guy who got fingers up my a** in Road Trip, kissed Ashton Kutcher in DUDE, WHERE'S MY CAR?, kissed Jason Biggs in AMERICAN PIE 2, and kissed Will Ferrell in OLD SCHOOL.

"It's not like they've been romantic lead roles."

01/03/2004 13:47