A host of movie stars including Sean Penn, Woody Allen, Tim Robbins and Holly Hunter have pledged their support for striking members of the writing union by shooting a series of short films. The clips appear on the website Speechlesswithoutwriters.com, which is the brainchild of screenwriters George Hickenlooper and Alan Sereboff. Members of the Writers Guild of America have been on strike since 5 November (07) over a dispute over royalties. So far 22 films have been posted on the site. The most recent - dated 6 December (07) - shows a silent Woody Allen sitting in front of a fireplace. An unseen audience laughs each time he lifts a cup to his mouth to drink. Penn's, which lasts just 48 seconds, shows him mouthing words to the camera. In Hunter's clip, the actress tries to reach a writer from a movie set, only to be connected to a call centre in India. Speaking on a U.S. morning TV show on Friday (07Dec07), Hunter said of the project, "People understand the writers' plight. Writers are middle class and the majority of people in the United States are middle class. "We're used to people at the top of the food chain getting $40 million (GBP20 million) Christmas bonuses. These people just want a fair piece of the pie."